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Want to improve your skiing? Get a board.

If you’re planning a ski holiday this winter, then it’s time to start including some ski specific training in your workouts. Not only will it reduce the risk of injury and ensure you get the most out of your slope time but, when you spring out of bed on day three of your holiday, your body will thank you too.

One of the easiest and most effective things you can do to improve your skiing is to enhance your sense of balance and the best way to do this is to get a board. A wobble board.

Wobble board

In the weeks before your holiday stand on your board (in your ski position) every day until you can comfortably maintain your balance for a full minute.

And that’s it.

Of course, you’ll need to work a little harder if you want to dominate the steeps or boss the moguls but one of the the best ways to own your skis is to get  a board.

Spin Zhira/skiing


For a longer life: Go Skiing.

Good balance is an essential component of skiing and should form part of your pre-season training routine.

In the month before your ski trip try brushing your teeth standing on one leg. It’s a great exercise that will not only improve your ski performance but may even help you live a little longer.

According to the UK’s Medical Research Council, 53-year-olds who could stand on one leg for ten seconds with their eyes closed were the most likely to be fit and well in 13 years’ time. However, those who could manage only two seconds were three times as likely to die before the age of 66.

In addition, Dr Yasuharu Tabara, associate professor of genomic medicine at Kyoto University in Japan found that the ability to balance on one leg is an important test for brain health.”

So there you have it, skiing (and/or standing on one leg) is not only good for the brain but will also help you live forever.

Spin Zhira/skiing