Sir Michael Fallon is not off the hook for Iraq abuse enquiry.

The BBC reports that Iraq lawyer Phil Shiner has been struck off and ordered to pay interim costs of £250,000 by a tribunal. Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon told the BBC he was ‘delighted’ Shiner had been ‘exposed’, adding ‘the decent thing for him to do now would be to apologise’.

Let’s just remember that this is the same Defence Secretary whose department funds the Iraq Historic Abuse Team and who has, rightly, been accused by Johnny Mercer MP of a terrible betrayal of our servicemen and women.

Phil Shiner is a greedy, unscrupulous wanker who deserves what he gets but Sir Michael should not think for one moment that he is off the hook for his part in this scandal. Instead of showing some leadership and shutting down IHAT he extended its remit to include investigation into alleged abuse in Afghanistan. The decent thing for Sir Michael to do now would be to apologise for the untold misery and suffering his department has funded.

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